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Meet the new NetWitness.

Unrivaled Visibility

Security teams get the visibility they need to detect sophisticated threats hiding in today’s complex, hybrid IT infrastructures.

Improved Analyst Productivity

Orchestration and automation capabilities make it easier for analysts to prioritize and investigate threats faster and coordinate activities across the entire security team.

Faster, More Advanced Threat Detection

NetWitness detects attacks in a fraction of the time of other platforms and connects incidents to expose the full attack scope.

Behavior Analytics from the Cloud

Analytics powered by machine learning with the scale of the cloud deliver early detection of anomalies that lead to external and internal threats.

NetWitness XDR keeps organizations

ahead of the curve…

Why choose us:

NetWitness XDR combines visibility, analytics, and automation into a single solution.

NetWitness is a comprehensive XDR solution that accelerates threat detection and response. It collects and analyzes data across all capture points (logs, packets, netflow, endpoint and IoT) and computing platforms (physical, virtual and cloud), enriching data with threat intelligence and business context.

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What sets us apart:

See what’s under the hood.

NetWitness Platform XDR allows security analysts to prioritize, respond, reconstruct, survey, investigate and confirm information about the threats in their environment and take the appropriate response—quickly and precisely.

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Providing 21st Century Solutions for Modern Business Threats

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Accelerated threat detection and response for today’s targeted attacks.

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Reduce threat impacts and improve business resilience.

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Advanced analytics and threat detection powered by the cloud.

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