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Network Threat Detection & Cyber Security Monitoring Company

Meet the new NetWitness.

   New! KuppingerCole Analyst Report: NetWitness Named a Leader in KuppingerCole Leadership Compass.

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NetWitness Vision Story

Hear the vision and product direction for NetWitness directly from our Chief Executive Officer and Chief Product Officer. We see a paradigm shift happening in the industry as threats evolve. NetWitness is responding with greater visibility, usability and efficiency to provide the best possible support to the SOC to solve complex security matters.


Unrivaled Visibility

보안 팀이 오늘날의 복잡한 하이브리드 IT 인프라에 숨어 있는 정교한 위협을 탐지하는 데 필요한 가시성을 확보할 수 있습니다.

Improved Analyst Productivity

오케스트레이션 및 자동화 기능을 통해 분석가가 더 쉽게 위협의 우선 순위를 정하고 조사하며 모든 보안 팀의 업무를 관리할 수 있습니다.

Faster, More Advanced Threat Detection

NetWitness는 다른 플랫폼보다 짧은 시간에 공격을 탐지하고 인시던트를 연결하여 전체 공격 범위를 탐지합니다.

Behavior Analytics from the Cloud

클라우드 규모의 머신 러닝 기반 분석은 내외부 위협으로 이어지는 이상 징후를 조기에 탐지합니다.

NetWitness keeps organizations

ahead of the curve.

Why choose us:

NetWitness combines visibility, analytics, and automation into a single solution.

NetWitness is a comprehensive platform that accelerates threat detection and response. It collects and analyzes data across all capture points (logs, packets, netflow, endpoint and IoT) and computing platforms (physical, virtual and cloud), enriching data with threat intelligence and business context.

Read this ESG whitepaper to learn how network detection and response (NDR) eliminates blind spots for distributed enterprises.
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What sets us apart:

실제 사용 사례를 확인해보십시오.

NetWitness Platform allows security analysts to prioritize, respond, reconstruct, survey, investigate and confirm information about the threats in their environment and take the appropriate response—quickly and precisely.

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Providing 21st Century Solutions for Modern Business Threats

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Accelerated threat detection and response for today’s targeted attacks.

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Reduce threat impacts and improve business resilience.

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Advanced analytics and threat detection powered by the cloud.

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