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SANS Product Review: RSA NetWitness Platform SIEM and XDR

Download this independent, in-depth review SANS conducted of RSA NetWitness Platform to find out how easily analysts of all skill levels can use it to quickly detect, investigate and respond to threats.

The review evaluates RSA NetWitness Platform’s:

  • Ease of use
  • Scalability and performance across massive and distributed data sets
  • Rapid searching, analysis and incident correlation capabilities
  • UEBA capabilities
  • Investigation capabilities
  • Automated response tools
  • Reporting and dashboards

SANS reviewers put RSA NetWitness Platform to the test against the following use cases:

  • Phishing compromise
  • Web shell attack
  • Drive-by download
  • Cloud compromise (S3 bucket compromise and data exfiltration)

From the review: “Overall, the RSA NetWitness Platform impressed us with its capabilities and thorough coverage of prevention, detection, and response. The product was easy to use and get started with, and the various dashboards were intuitive to navigate. Hunting for threats and performing investigations was straightforward, and following various events and indicators was fast and painless.”