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IoT Security in the Age of Edge Computing

The internet of things (IoT) has presented numerous real or perceived security challenges, but edge computing promises a way to respond and overcome them, in part by giving security analysts and admins the ability to monitor, detect and handle IoT threats. RSA partner IOTech Systems joins us to show how IoT edge computing can help you get IoT under control and secured. During this exclusive webinar and demo:

  • You’ll learn how IoT edge computing works conceptually and from a technical perspective.
  • You’ll see via the demo:
    • How IOTech’s Edge Xpert platform can be configured to efficiently and accurately ingest and aggregate data from multiple, different edge devices.
    • How Edge Xpert seamlessly deploys and manages the RSA IoT Security Monitor Collector to provide security at the edge.
  • You’ll learn how you can integrate RSA IoT security monitoring tools with your existing SIEM.