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NetWitness is proud to join Black Hat Asia 2023 in the NOC

  • by NetWitness
NetWitness joins Black Hat Asia 2023 in the NOC 

This week, NetWitness proudly joins Black Hat Asia in the Network Operations Center (NOC) at the Black Hat Asia event, continuing our long-standing collaboration. As always, we’re here to provide top-notch SIEM, NDR, and SOAR services, standing shoulder to shoulder with our seasoned global threat-hunting team, which comprises Sales Engineering and Incident Response. 

While there are some fresh faces among the vendors this year, NetWitness remains steadfast in its commitment to hunting down malicious actors. Our Sales Engineering team has been sharpening their threat-hunting skills and seamlessly integrates with the experienced Incident Response team members, who vigilantly protect our customers daily. 

For those curious about our role, we essentially scour through packets and logs within the Black Hat network, seeking out threats through packet and log analysis, working hand in hand and sharing info back and forth with our peers from Paloalto Networks, Arista Networks, Cisco and Corelight  We also conduct automated packet reconstructions for malware analysis and devise automated tasks for the NOC as new use cases arise. 

This year’s NetWitness representatives at Black Hat ASIA include Dave Glover, the esteemed SE Director, who manages the team on-site for all three regional BlackHat shows and is affectionately known as “the log father.” With his extensive experience in setting up the NetWitness stack and hunting, Dave is an invaluable asset to the team. Also joining is Alessandro Zatti, a veteran from our EMEA Sales Engineering team, bringing with him a wealth of hunting experience and expertise in building the NetWitness SIEM/NDR Stack. 

From our Incident Response team, we have Marco Faggian and Iain Davison, both expert analysts. They efficiently build out the NetWitness environment, including the SOAR environment, within hours. 

At NetWitness, collaboration is key. That’s why our team works closely with all vendors supporting the Black Hat NOC, including Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Arista Networks, and Corelight. United in our mission to combat cyber threats, we’re excited to contribute our expertise and experience to this year’s event.