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Securing the Digital World

NetWitness: XDR, Visibility, and the Future of SOCs

  • by Brian Robertson

XDR threat detection and response

How do you future-proof your SOC?

In Frost & Sullivan’s Future-Proofing Security Operations: Harnessing the Power of Extended Detection & Response (XDR) to Advance Security and Business Resilience industry whitepaper, only 25% of security teams have full visibility of their IT environments. And Frost & Sullivan further reports that 33% of organizations are managing 50,001–1,000,000 endpoints.

It all comes down to visibility and XDR.

This comprehensive whitepaper also dives into the security situations of IT environments and XDR. What was once a perimeter-constrained, exclusively on-premise, desktop-run workplace has now transitioned to remote offices with a myriad of devices, deployments, users, locations, and disparate security solutions.

So how do security teams keep up, keep track, and stay ahead with this new cybersecurity reality?

  • A holistic XDR solution can deliver far more granular visibility when compared to log-based SIEMs
  • XDR achieves this visibility for now and the future, bringing together data from company-owned locations, remote users and IoT devices, and users outside the traditional network, the cloud, and other sources
  • This exponential growth of end devices means XDR had to natively integrate with internal and third-party threat intelligence feeds to augment the contextual environments in which they operate.

The Frost & Sullivan whitepaper covers visibility and XDR comprehensively, but one key takeaway:

Organizations should adopt XDR by focusing on three essential areas:

  1. Improved handling of sophisticated attacks through data enrichment, integration with protection solutions, automated response, and business context visualization.
  2. Secured remote workforces through the integration, collection, and correlation of endpoint data enhanced with user behavior analysis.
  3. Unification of security management onto a single platform through the confluence of SIEM, analytics, compliance, and incident detection and response.

For organizations worldwide fortifying their security positions, XDR is playing the lead role; consolidating security management into a single platform while simultaneously delivering superior detection and response capabilities.
Is your SOC ready for what lies ahead?

Download the XDR whitepaper
To read more about where XDR is heading and some critical questions to ask, download the full illustrated whitepaper here.