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Threat Detection and Response

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Detects the advanced threats other solutions may miss

Detects the advanced threats other solutions may miss

Using a centralized combination of network and endpoint analysis, behavioral analysis, data science techniques and threat intelligence, NetWitness Platform for XDR helps analysts detect and resolve known and unknown attacks while automating and orchestrating the incident response lifecycle. With these capabilities on one platform, security teams can collapse disparate tools and data into a powerful, blazingly fast user interface.

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Unsurpassed visibility

Unsurpassed visibility

Collects data across all capture points (user, endpoint, edge, core, cloud) and threat intelligence sources to expose the full scope of attacks.

Faster threat detection

Faster threat detection

Speeds threat detection and investigation by enriching network and endpoint data at capture time with threat intelligence and business context.

Smarter, faster analytics

Smarter, faster analytics

Provides behavioral analytics (UEBA) and automation and orchestration capabilities so analysts can follow consistent, transparent, documented processes for threat hunting and investigation.

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Accelerated threat detection and response for today’s targeted attacks

Accelerated threat detection and response for today’s targeted attacks

Threat defense today isn’t about preventing attacks; it’s about preventing them from wreaking havoc. NetWitness Platform enables organizations to leverage network and endpoint data to quickly detect and respond to threats that have bypassed preventative controls.

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Threat defense for the digital landscape

XDR for the digital landscape

In today’s digital environment, there are more threats—and more sophisticated threats—than ever. NetWitness Platform for XDR detects intrusions as they happen, using real-time visibility into network traffic across internal, internet-bound, virtual infrastructure and cloud computing environments, paired with deep, process-level endpoint visibility. Once an attack is detected, a prioritized and automated response enables an effective defense.

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Network detection and response

NetWitness Network provides real-time visibility into all network traffic with full packet capture, allowing you to detect emerging, targeted and unknown threats as they traverse the network, monitor attackers’ movement and reconstruct entire network sessions.

Monitor your network

Endpoint detection and response

NetWitness Endpoint provides deep visibility beyond basic endpoint security solutions by monitoring and collecting activity across all endpoints—on and off your network—so you can cut the cost, time and scope of incident response.

Monitor endpoints

Security orchestration and automation

NetWitness Orchestrator is a comprehensive security orchestration and automation solution designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your security operations center, with streamlined, automated incident management and auto-documentation of all actions during investigation.

Modernize your SOC

User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA)

NetWitness Detect AI is a SaaS offering that quickly detects unknown threats by applying advanced behavior analytics and machine learning to data captured by NetWitness Platform.

Identify unusual behavior

NetWitness really helps us to improve our incident response time because we can easily see all the data in one unified dashboard.

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Chief Information Security Officer

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Threat detection & response

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