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GigaOm’s Radar Report Features NetWitness NDR and SIEM Solutions

  • by NetWitness

A closer look at the features and strengths of our market-leading cybersecurity products. 

Keeping pace with leading cybersecurity solutions and industry evaluations is essential—but it isn’t always easy. Fortunately, resources like the GigaOm Radar Report, which analyzes top-performing tools, can serve as an authoritative guide for IT professionals and decision-makers. 

This year’s Radar Report includes NetWitness, spotlighting both our Network Detection and Response (NDR) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) products. Among vendors who offer both of these critical security technologies, these integrated and powerful offerings from NetWitness hold the strongest positions in the reports.

Here, we’ll provide an overview of each product’s key attributes as outlined in GigaOm’s analysis, offering insights into their features and benefits. Join us as we examine the contemporary cybersecurity scene and explore how NetWitness’s solutions address today’s challenges. 

NetWitness in GigaOm’s Radar Report

With its rigorous methodology, the GigaOm Radar Report evaluates cybersecurity solutions based on technical prowess, vision execution, and innovation capacity. Including NetWitness’s products in this report is a testament to the efficacy and innovation inherent in our solutions. 

Network Detection and Response (NDR)

At its core, NDR doesn’t just identify threats; it analyzes raw network packet traffic, monitoring both incoming (north-south) and internal (east-west) traffic flows. This comprehensive surveillance allows it to catch malicious activities that may go unnoticed, from advanced persistent threats and data exfiltration to lateral movements and ransomware attacks. By leveraging advanced technologies like behavioral analytics and machine learning, NDR goes beyond known attack patterns and signatures, detecting new and evolving threats.

NetWitness’s take on NDR, NetWitness Network, encapsulates these principles and further enhances them, offering features like:

✔ Comprehensive Network Visibility: Ensuring a panoramic view of all network traffic, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or spanning virtual environments.

✔ Intuitive Investigation and Forensics: Equipping professionals with tools for a thorough forensic analysis, ensuring a quick and efficient investigation process.

✔ Full-Packet Capture: Enabling a “DVR” replay of incidents, ensuring no detail is missed during analysis.

✔ Metadata-Only Flexibility: Offering storage-efficient solutions without compromising on the depth of detection.

✔ Flexible Response Actions: Incorporating automation to rapidly address new threats and resolve known ones.

NetWitness NDR in GigaOm’s Radar Report

For NetWitness’s NDR product, the GigaOm Radar for Network Detection and Response (NDR) highlighted: 

  • The “Exceptional” score in multiple areas of the NDR Radar Report emphasizes strengths like Historical Forensics, Automated Response, and Managed NDR.
  • NetWitness’s categorization as an “Outperformer” reflects our commitment to delivering top-tier technology and continuous innovation in a rapidly evolving market. 

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions have long been the cornerstone for centralized security insights. As the digital ecosystem grows in complexity, the role of SIEM solutions has transitioned from merely collating logs to providing in-depth, actionable intelligence in real time.

SIEM systems now give security analysts a panoramic view of an organization’s security status. They pinpoint vulnerabilities, track user behaviors, and flag suspicious activities by gathering and correlating data from diverse sources. But in a sea of SIEM offerings, what makes a solution genuinely stand out?

NetWitness’s SIEM product, NetWitness Logs, exemplifies advanced capabilities in this sphere:

✔ Data Enrichment: Enhancing log data with threat intelligence and contextual insights, this feature reduces false positives and streamlines threat prioritization.

✔ Extensive Visibility: Offering widespread log visibility ensures a seamless analysis across distributed and virtual landscapes, leading to swift detection and response.

✔ Flexible Reporting: Customization is key, and NetWitness allows tailored report views and formats to meet unique organizational needs.

✔ Accelerated Alerts: By parsing and enriching log data upon capture, alerts are faster and more accurate.

NetWitness SIEM in GigaOm’s Radar Report

For NetWitness’s SIEM product, the GigaOm Radar for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) highlighted: 

  • NetWitness achieved an “Exceptional” score in several SIEM Radar Report criteria, emphasizing its prowess in Alarm Fidelity, Data Enrichment, and Automation, among others.
  • GigaOm recognized NetWitness as a “Fast Mover,” highlighting our capability to swiftly evolve our offerings to cater to emerging customer needs.

Read the Full Report

Choosing proven, top-tier cybersecurity tools is no longer a luxury but a critical requirement. The right tools ensure robust protection and position businesses to adapt and respond to emerging challenges efficiently. NetWitness, as spotlighted by the GigaOm Radar Report, is emblematic of market-leading solutions essential for a robust digital defense strategy.

For those keen on a deeper understanding of the evolving cybersecurity landscape and where different tools stand, we highly recommend delving into the full GigaOm Radar Report for NDR and SIEM.

But don’t stop there. Discover firsthand how NetWitness’s acclaimed NDR and SIEM products can elevate your organization’s cybersecurity posture, and request a demo today.