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From the Ashes of Disruption Emerges Innovation and New Ways to Work

  • by Rsa

Person holds a light source and from it threads of light and icons emerge from it.

While many understandably lament the challenges and struggles presented by the current health crisis, there is reason to be hopefully about the future.

Let us not forget our history: In the mid-Fourteenth Century, the Black Death killed an estimated 200 million people across Europe, Asia and Africa. Born from this cataclysmic event was the Renaissance. During this period, some of history’s most prominent artists, philosophers, scientists and statesman would emerge. This period of history is often credited as helping transition civilization from the Middle Ages and modern-day.

As a follow-up to his presentation from RSA Cybersecurity Summit, RSA Chief Technology Officer Dr. Zulfikar Ramzan spoke with Sean Martin and Marco Ciappelli of ITSPmagazine. Tune into their discussion to hear why Dr. Ramzan believes today’s disruption will be a catalyst for another historic period of innovation, and what risks organizations must be ready to address as they transition employees and operations for a new normal.