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A New Path Forward for our Channel Partners

  • by Corné van Rooij

data center team looking at laptop

Companies of all sizes, across all industries, around the world need effective threat detection and response capabilities. Try as we might, we at NetWitness know that when it comes to helping these organizations prepare for and battle against cyber threats, we need help. For years we’ve relied on our channel partners to help extend the reach of our cybersecurity solutions, and they’ve leveraged their industry expertise, geographic reach, and other relevant experience to work with all kinds of companies to improve their security postures.

Today, we’re pleased to unveil a new channel program that better enables our partners – whether they are resellers, distributors, or MSSPs – to help protect their customers’ critical systems and data. This is a big step for NetWitness. As we continue on our journey to operate as a standalone business unit, this new channel program is much better suited to support the sorts of deals that our partners pursue.

When we started the process of redesigning our channel program, we had a few key considerations in mind. First, we wanted to make it easier to do business with NetWitness. We’ve instituted new rules and processes that make simpler and faster to work with our channel team, and to help close deals. This is important not only for the health and success of our partners, but also to ensure that our joint customers are able to quickly improve their threat detection and response capabilities.

We also knew it would be important for our partners to better understand all the capabilities of the NetWitness Platform, its individual components, and our service offerings. We’re now offering more comprehensive training, certifications, and technical knowledge resources that go far deeper into the technology than what was previously available. This will better arm our partners as they work side-by-side with their customers and help them address their unique requirements. Simply put, more educational resources will help our partners close more sales.

Additionally, we’re making it easier for our partners to provide hands-on demonstrations and trials of the NetWitness Platform, on premise or in the cloud, to showcase the solution in action. Let’s face it – showing is a lot more effective than telling, and if a prospect can see the platform in a real-world environment, they’ll better see the value it brings to their security strategy.

We feel that our new program structure and resources will better arm our channel partners in the fight against cyber threats. Whether a partner is proposing the full NetWitness Platform, a specific component to integrate with other technologies, or a hosted solution, we want our partners to know they have the full support of a long-time brand and hundreds of cybersecurity experts behind them.

We want our partners to feel like they can take on any security challenge their customers present to them, and with our new channel program, we have taken a leap forward in helping them achieve that.

If you want to learn more about our new channel program, I encourage you to read our press release