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Are bad actors on your network going unnoticed—simply by utilizing native tools?

Join us as we lead an informative and lively discussion on how native tools within your security environment can be harnessed by threat actors—bypassing and infiltrating your organization’s security defenses. (Are they in there now?)

This webinar will focus on how truly understanding your security environment is critical to your organization’s cyber resiliency, current states of vulnerability, and the probability of exploitation and compromise.

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Chalk it up to remote work, digital transformation, and a multitude of software tools —the past few years have dramatically increased the amount of encrypted traffic flowing through enterprise networks. And while your security arsenal may include decryption tools, decryption is a costly—and often complex—solution.

Please join us for this advanced webinar where encryption expert and senior engineer Cody Spooner, and systems engineer, Kal Ramkumar demonstrate the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to encryption. Learn how your organization can get strong forensic value out of encrypted traffic, plus we’ll view use cases to determine what was happening (and what was done) to detect and defend.

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As organizations continue to digitize their operations, the threat of cyber attacks and security breaches loom large. An effective incident response plan is critical to reducing the impact of security breaches, protecting sensitive data, and ensuring business continuity.

In this webinar, we will cover the best practices for developing and implementing an effective incident response plan. Our presenters will discuss:

    • Today’s most common threat vectors
    • The importance of creating an IR plan and practicing it
    • Tips for post-incident analysis and remediation – is the threat really over?
    • Post-incident notification obligations
    • Post-incident review to surface lessons learned
    • Useful frameworks supporting IR planning and activities

Join us to gain insights and actionable advice from industry experts and ensure that your organization is prepared to respond to any security incident.

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SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) is a networking technology that was first coined by Gartner in 2019. SASE adoption is on the rise and according to a 2020 report from Gartner, it is projected that the SASE market will grow from $4.5 billion in 2020 to $10.9 billion by 2024. If you’ve never heard SASE or maybe you really don’t know what it is, this session is for you.

NetWitness experts, Ben Smith, Field CTO and Arthur Fontaine, Product and Solution Marketer will have a conversation about SASE and discuss:

– What SASE is and is it really an easy button?
– Considerations for legacy technology
– What gaps are present for security solutions created pre-SASE?

We also encourage questions from the audience. If there is something you want to know about SASE, please register and ask us.

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In these enterprise-level cyberside chats, NetWitness threat intelligence teams will explore a particular prevalent threat facing organizations today—and its impact on a particular industry. Our specialists will share personal experiences regarding an industry attack, the steps incident response (IR) teams are taking, plus insights on best security practices and detection and mitigation strategies.

In this session, we’ll cover major threats to financial industries and go behind the cybersecurity curtain to discuss:

  • Advanced operational models of financial services attacks
  • Evidence of institution-focused threat actors actively targeting Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Ecuador
  • How FIN13 specifically targets banking institutions and financial services
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NetWitness is XDR
42 minutes

This is not another XDR webinar. NetWitness has invested in the XDR concept for 20 years, evolving our products for security operations worldwide.

We’ll show you how we’ve built the new NetWitness XDR upon a quarter century of real-world use cases and innovation. So watch now to learn more about this major product release and see why not all XDR is created equal.

In this webinar, NetWitness product managers will dive deep into the NetWitness XDR product line, provide use cases, and show you which XDR product suite can best provide the detection, response, and efficiency you require for your security operations.

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The growing complexity and sophistication of cyber-attacks has driven an evolution of the current cyber security legislation, strengthening the regulatory framework by extending the scope of application, but more critically vastly reducing the time to report an incident.

Is your business adequately prepared to alert, triage, contain and eradicate a threat efficiently before it causes irreparable damage?

The most widespread method to start the investigative process for a cyber-attack is incident response triage to analyse the network, endpoints, and system logs to reconstruct the attack timeline.

Join us on Wednesday, April 27th, for a virtual live session where we’ll show you how to act quickly to remove the threat from company systems and mitigate any further possible attacks.

  • How promptly reconstruct the dynamics of the threat actors activities, tools and tactics;
  • How to eradicate the threat before exfiltration or detonation occurs without raising alarms for the attacker.
  • How and when to report an attack, as required by the legislator
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Grab your detective hat (white, of course) and join NetWitness for an hour of threat hunting intrigue. We’ll study a mock attacker, hunting down security threats and following a trail of cyber breadcrumbs, infiltrations, and threat detection events that can help your organization stay vigilant and keep your operations secure.

In this threat hunting session you’ll uncover:
• How to engage the EDR and NDR capabilities of the NetWitness Platform for your organization’s security needs
• How you can carve, reconstruct, and analyze suspicious behaviors, attacks, and data
• How best to examine the investigative workflow, learn time-saving critical features, and study tips and tricks from other cases

This is the first of a two-part series. While you don’t need to attend both sessions, Part 2 in April will be an intriguing case study where we’ll respond to the threats we hunted for in this Part 1.

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Want to update configurations across your entire NetWitness environment—with one command?

Need a hit list on-demand of all of your hosts/services?

Or how about a color-formatted report showing your ESA rules?

This NetWitness customer session will discuss new, efficient techniques for platform automation using Python. Our Professional Services consultant Sean Drzewiecki returns for more key tips and tricks for admin and engineering pros.

If you’re a NetWitness customer (admin or engineering), you do not want to miss this installment of the NetWitness webinar series.

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On December 11, 2022, the Log4Shell vulnerability was discovered—and the effect was immediate and profound, as security teams worldwide worked ‘round the clock to mitigate this dangerous risk.

Join us on Tuesday, 3 March for a virtual live attack simulation that models a Log4J exploit. We’ll show how the NetWitness network detection and response system (NDR) provides near-immediate visibility to drastically reduce the response times on severe exploits like Log4J, empowering security teams like yours to swiftly detect and respond to this ominous threat tactic.

In addition to a virtual front row seat for this simulated attack, you’ll learn how to monitor for similar future attacks.

  • The true meaning of Log4j, and how to be better prepared for the next one
  • Key risks of other platforms (endpoints without agents, deleted/augmented logs)
  • How to discover if Log4Shell-like threats have infiltrated and how to remediate—quickly
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