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Securing the Digital World

Securing the IoT Edge Ecosystem

  • by Arthur Fontaine

Visualization of IoT Edge

Adding security to IoT requires first gaining control of it.

That’s quickly becoming possible with the emergence of IoT Edge computing, a very flexible and modular architectural model that’s gaining traction in enterprises around the globe. In a previous blog, Managing Digital Risk in the Internet of Things, I wrote about IoT Edge as a way to add capabilities to IoT devices and systems that don’t natively have them – things like real-time processing and analytics, data optimization, and interactivity between disparate IoT applications.

Unlike proprietary IoT management and security solutions, IoT Edge is community-based – not owned by any company or entity. This has led to an explosion of experimentation and innovation, as contributors can focus on what they do best, and let others do the same.

RSA has been involved in the IoT Edge ecosystem from the start, and now offers RSA IoT Security Monitor, a cloud-based service that adds RSA-quality security to IoT Edge platforms. We are pleased to announce that we’re extending our community engagement with official partnerships with leading IoT Edge companies. Toward this end, we’ve extended the RSA Ready Partnership program, which supports hundreds of certified RSA integrations, to include RSA IoT Security Monitor.

The community of RSA Ready Partners for Edge IoT includes leading companies that provide expert help for organizations that need to design and manage IoT solutions. All of these companies can help implement and manage RSA IoT Security Monitor service to provide threat analytics. New partners are being added regularly.

RSA Ready Partners for Edge IoT

  • Euro One is an RSA Ready Partner for all products, now including RSA IoT Security Monitor. Euro One provides complex IT solutions which are sustainable in the long run. Euro One offers a wide range of services from business applications and operation support, through infrastructure building and development, to complete IT security solutions.
  • IOTech makes systems to develop, deploy, connect and manage IoT systems at the Edge. Its Edge Xpert® IoT platform helps you to connect and acquire real-time sensor data, run edge intelligence, integrate any cloud with complete deployment flexibility and manage your edge applications and nodes at scale. Solutions cover the full spectrum of secure hard and soft real-time edge computing requirements.
  • SmartHub delivers complete Edge Device Lifecycle Management (EDLM) for multi-vendor, multi-platform IoT devices and gateways. Its Infer™ Product Suite improves uptime and reduces risks while supporting OT and line-of-business priorities. It provides business context for both devices and gateways by inventorying IoT device metadata, including business purpose, priority, alerts, updates, and environment. Infer analyzes dataflow and lineage and remediates issues via remote commands or by pushing software updates.
  • Technotects helps businesses conceptualize, design, develop, deploy and manage effective industrial IoT solutions. Specializing in intelligent edge services on leading industrial IoT (IIoT) platforms, Technotects architects IoT applications that reduce time to market, increase productivity, and simplify daily operations. With over 20 years’ experience across industries, including healthcare, manufacturing and energy sectors, Technotects has deep knowledge and partnerships throughout the IoT industry, including cloud solutions.
  • Websym offers IoT and Analytics solutions to the manufacturing industry and industrial & consumer OEMs. Its solutions help organizations utilize the power of IOT, big data and analytics to increase operational margins and improve efficiencies through real-time generation of actionable insights driven by real-time equipment performance and health data, integrated with enterprise systems.

These partnerships deliver tremendous synergy for organizations that value the benefits of impactful IoT solutions but need a level of security that only RSA can deliver. For more information, contact your RSA representative or one of our IoT partners, or visit the RSA IoT page.