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Lunch with the Logfather May 2021

Cybersecurity monitoring and logging are critical to your ability to detect network events and potential cyber attacks. But if the sheer volume of log data and other challenges are getting in the way of a rapid and effective response to security threats, we have an offer you can’t refuse.

This complimentary virtual training session led by RSA Principal Sales Engineer Dave Glover demystifies logging complexities and enhances your threat detection and IR skills.

With more than 20 years in cybersecurity, there is very little that Dave Glover, aka The Logfather, hasn’t seen when it comes to infiltrators and cyber threats. In this one-hour session, Dave, an RSA Principal Sales Engineer, shares his in-depth knowledge of threat detection and describes relevant use cases through live demos using RSA NetWitness – but the concepts he presents can be applied to whatever tool you use.

Use cases and demos covered:

  • Insider threats
  • Zero-day vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server