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Applies behavior analytics to fast-track threat detection, investigation and response

Applies behavior analytics to fast-track threat detection, investigation and response

NetWitness Detect AI is a cloud-native SaaS offering that uses advanced behavior analytics and machine learning to quickly reveal unknown threats. It leverages network, endpoint and log data captured by NetWitness Platform to create a baseline of an organization’s behaviors and IT usage and to identify deviations that indicate suspicious behavior and sophisticated threats.

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Easy to deploy

Easy to deploy

Minimal hardware to install and manage. No infrastructure requirements or need to manually tune algorithms. Simple to administer.

Fast time-to-value

Fast time-to-value

Begins processing data within hours so you can quickly baseline behavior and start detecting high-risk anomalies.

Relief for analysts

Relief for analysts

Alleviates alert fatigue with an innovative risk scoring model that zeroes in on the highest risk indicators for analysts.

High-fidelity threat detection

High-fidelity threat detection

Automatically and regularly refines its machine learning algorithms to provide accurate threat monitoring without rules, signatures or manual analysis.

< How it works >

Advanced analytics and threat detection powered by the cloud

  • Unsupervised machine learning

    NetWitness Detect AI uses unsupervised machine learning, which means that it starts working the moment you turn it on to rapidly and accurately identify behaviors that may signal an attack. Unsupervised machine learning eliminates the need to create rules, customize metadata, and continually tune underlying data models.

  • Innovative statistical analysis

    NetWitness Detect AI aggregates multiple indicators of suspicious activity, then applies a dynamic statistical risk scoring model. This approach alleviates analysts’ burdensome workloads by producing higher-fidelity alerts triggered only when a risk score exceeds established thresholds.

  • Intelligent peer grouping

    Since user behavior varies based on an individual’s role, responsibilities, location and other factors, NetWitness Detect AI creates peer groups and detects deviations among them. This leads to more accurate alerts.

  • Scalable SaaS platform

    NetWitness Detect AI scales to process billions of events daily and analyze hundreds of thousands of organizational entities. Flexible licensing options accommodate the needs of both large enterprises and smaller organizations.

Rein in digital risk with UEBA

Rein in digital risk with advanced analytics

The ability to monitor user, network and endpoint behavior on a single, scalable cloud-native platform using unsupervised machine learning algorithms makes NetWitness Detect AI an obvious choice for catching the sophisticated unknown threats that create so much digital risk for organizations.

We selected NetWitness Platform because we found that it absolutely leaves no stone unturned. It uses behavioral indicators to identify attacks that are normally undetected by signature and rules-based monitoring tools.

Yumiko Matsubara
Security Architecture Manager

Recruit Technologies Co. Ltd.

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 RSA NetWitness UEBA

Applies behavior analytics to fast-track threat detection, investigation and response
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