K's Co., Ltd.

Partner type: Reseller (Gold)
Product focus: RSA Netwitness Suite
RSA SecurID Suite
2864-16 Ryomitsuyanagi, Yonago-shi
Tottori, 683-0853
12-2, Enyazenkocho, Izumo
Shimane, JAPAN (JP)
34F Atago Green Hills Mori Tower, 2-5-1, Atago, Minato-ku
Tokyo, JAPAN (JP)
Rit City Bldg., 15-1 Ekimotomachi, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi
Okayama, JAPAN (JP)
11F Active-Inter City Hiroshima, 12-1 Wakakusa-cho, Higashi-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Hiroshima, JAPAN (JP)

K's Co., Ltd. provide datacenter service, system consultation, Managed Security Services, Network & Security solution and more in San-in region of western Japan. We have accumulated knowledge more professionally and integrating the system from the customer's point of view as long as we have years of know-how as a specialized department structure. We aim at value-added proposal, and we will always propose the definition of customer satisfaction with "the customer value with the customer" with the highest technical strength at all times. From consulting to system development, operation support, maintenance. Specialized departments for various products and technologies covering IT as a whole do not only cooperate with industry specialty departments, but will consistently support customers from plan introduction to maintenance.