Beshara Group

Partner type: Reseller (Authorized)
Product focus: RSA Netwitness Suite
RSA SecurID Suite
Contact: Hussien Fawzy
Telephone: +965 67670601
Al Shohada
Kuwait, KUWAIT (KW)

Our Culture Partnering. Collaboration. People. In this challenging environment, partnering is a widely used phrase that speaks of commitment, trust, understanding and excellence. Through collaboration and partnership, we are renewing our dedication to market growth and customer satisfaction. We grew to be this strong, international enterprise by developing fields of opportunity with our clients, and we must continue to relate as a partner with clients, suppliers, and consultants. But, we have also learned that partnering must be internal. All our teams collaborate as never before to share technology, conduct joint planning, analysis and development efforts, create and enhance services, and leverage our resources. We are promoting the transfer of information and technology across all teams to our clients. Comprehensive information is the first element of successful decision-making, and we are committed to intensifying our efforts to continue down the road of success through our people. We capture and cultivate the highest caliber of professionals, continue to help them grow, and extend their talents to the market and to our clients. At BG, we believe that investing in our people translates into a better solution and a better experience for our clients.