2M Consultancy

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Product focus: RSA Archer Suite
RSA Netwitness Suite
Flat Iron Building, 44-46 Southwark Street
London, SE1 1UN

2MC was born in 2009 when the frustration and time to run a successful Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) programme was too costly for businesses to bare. Mark and Marc were brought together delivering a five year GRC programme form disparate functions within the same global oil and gas company. Collectively they were tasked with building a tightly integrated controls framework to reduce the growing annual audit bill. The programme was a great success and their experience clearly demonstrated two things. 1) the powerful insights that can emerge when risk data is integrated across business silos, and asked the right questions! 2) No one else had the specialist capabilities required to successfully deliver these complex transformation programmes. So they built a company to do exactly that! Today, over a decade later, and after the successful completion of over 697 Integrated Risk Management (IRM) projects, the mission remains the same but the environment has changed! The defining characteristic of today's world is its systemic connectivity. In it, there's no place for silo-doing and silo-thinking because risks converge. Converging risks lead to consequences cascading out of control and producing extremes that often come as a surprise, leaving companies ill-prepared. As our world becomes increasingly volatile, uncertain, ambiguous, and complex, 2MC continues to enable businesses to develop the necessary business resilience to thrive. We do this through the judicious application of people, process, and technology transformation. The fourth industrial revolution is upon us, and it requires we all reevaluate the effectiveness traditional approaches to risk management. When you do, like us, you'll conclude that business resilience demands a continuous adaptive real-time monitoring of risk that is made meaningful by an up-to-the-minute business context. What we like to call Continuous Adaptive Risk Monitoring, or CARM for short.

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