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The Business Case for Evolved SIEM

Looking to buy a SIEM? Then you may be interested in learning about the financial benefits associated with the RSA NetWitness® evolved SIEM. 
The Business Case for Evolved SIEM quantifies the potential value companies may realize by deploying the RSA solution. The business case is based on a study of 15 large enterprises conducted by a third-party research firm. 

Register for the business case and in less than 10 minutes you will learn: 

  • What kind of ROI (in terms of cost savings, productivity increases, risk mitigation and risk avoidance) and payback period you could expect from the RSA NetWitness evolved SIEM. 
  • How to secure funding for new security investments, including which financial metrics are critical to include in a business case. 
  • What an evolved SIEM is and why it offers better threat detection capabilities than a traditional SIEM.