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The Language of Cybersecurity

What is SIEM (security information and event management)?

The Language of Cybersecurity At their most basic, SIEM tools collect, store, analyze and report on data produced by a wide variety of applications, devices and systems from across an organization’s IT infrastructure. The data comes in the form of log files (more commonly known as logs) that capture authentication, event, performance and/or usage data […]

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What is EDR? Your guide to endpoint detection and response

The Language of Cybersecurity Endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions detect and investigate suspicious activities and other problems on network hosts and endpoints. Offering an additional layer of protection above that of traditional anti-virus software, EDR is meant to counter hackers seeking to install malware used to steal passwords, record keystrokes, encrypt files and hold […]

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XDR (Extended Detection and Response) Diagram

What is XDR (extended detection and response)?

The Language of Cybersecurity RSA defines XDR as an approach to cybersecurity that extends detection and response from the user, through the network, to the cloud to provide security operations teams with threat visibility wherever data and applications reside. XDR products combine network detection and response (NDR), endpoint detection and response (EDR), behavior analytics, and […]

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