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Introducing the RSA Cybersecurity Summit

  • by Mike Adler

RSA Cybersecurity Summit

Operational efficiency is critical in any department, but for a Security Operations Center (SOC), it could mean the difference between a breach or preventing one. A recent study of cybersecurity professionals found that 73 percent viewed their SOC as a crucial element of their organization’s cybersecurity strategy.

A CISO faces an array of challenges today. They’ve had to shift their SOC into a virtual setting; their team is managing a surge in security risks related to the on-going health crisis; and they’re navigating the risks associated with more dynamic work in new ways. With this in mind, leaders must step back and take a strategic approach to reflect on the right model to help improve their security operations proficiency, efficacy and quality in the future. Traditional cybersecurity strategies are being re-evaluated and organizations are adding new technologies and solutions to help identify, manage, and contain incidents to minimize disruption and impact.

At RSA, we hear from our customers and partners that the challenges facing the CISO and SOC teams are daunting. That’s why I’m excited to introduce the RSA Cybersecurity Summit, a free, virtual event hosted on Wednesday, July 29. Experts from across the industry and RSA will provide insight on how you can transform your cybersecurity strategy for this new normal and will show you best practices for detecting a range of threats.

During this virtual event you will learn how to:

  • Realign your SOC resources for today and beyond
  • Support business leaders with insights on how to adapt to the new threat landscape
  • Defend your organization from new cybersecurity vulnerabilities – whether it’s Zoom bombing, ransomware, or phishing attacks
  • Educate your workforce to identify scams and become security ambassadors

You’ll hear from a range of industry experts and thought leaders:

  • Dr. Zulfikar Ramzan, Chief Technology Officer, RSA
  • Percy Tucker, Senior Manager, RSA
  • Neil "Grifter" Wyler, Principal Threat Hunter, RSA
  • Jessica Bair, Senior Manager, Advanced Threat Solutions, Cisco Security
  • Amy Blackshaw, Director of Product Marketing, RSA
  • Steve Schlarman, Director, Risk Portfolio Strategist, RSA
  • Sean Martin, CISSP, co-founder and Editors in Chief, ITSPmagazine
  • Marco Ciappelli, co-founder and Editors in Chief, ITSPmagazine

The "new normal" is here and SOC teams need the tools and knowledge on how to adapt and address the cyberattack risks of tomorrow.

I hope to "see" you on July 29 at the RSA Cybersecurity Summit!