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US Government Continues its Leadership on Cybersecurity and Ransomware

The Biden administration has distributed a memo to the private sector to mitigate the impacts of the surge in criminal attacks on US and global organizations. This response is intended to address cybercrime head-on, treating it like the national security issue it has become, and setting an example for other nations around the world.

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Visualization of threat detection and response

HAFNIUM Attacks Microsoft Exchange Users

The HAFNIUM / Microsoft Exchange attack has affected at least 30,000 U.S organizations and hundreds of thousands more around the world. Integrating threat detection and response capabilities before an attack occurs can accelerate your response, limit damage, and protect your operations.

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The Changing Face of Insider Threats

The traditional insider threat is evolving. Digital transformation, the chaos of our world stage and modern business environments are forcing a new view of this complex threat vector. In Part I of this series, we explore what’s changing and where things are headed.

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